We provide media focused companies with the right solution and focus for growth. We believe you can distinguish yourself from others when offering quality work based on real expertise, people, beliefs and a strong product, positioning or solution. Nowadays, every company needs a media strategy with strong content and smooth implementation. We have worked with several media companies to know the difference in propositions and their potential. Our investors have a good eye to search, amongst others, for strategic new partnerships and product potential.



The tech industry is a rapidly changing environment where, with the right focus and tools, companies can create huge successes. Most of our entrepreneurial investors are tech experienced and can help ventures with their growth. We get enthusiastic when introducing a unique product to our network and we are always open to explore new potentials. Tech ventures can be facilitated and screened in order to get connected to other tech ventures. Together we can strengthen a product and strategically grow stronger in the future.



The business of entertainment is growing tremendously and we are part of it. We love sport, events and we love music, one of our focus industries. We work with creatives and proven track records to kick-start groundbreaking projects and to realise new partnerships. From initiating and organising live-entertainment events, to sport learning programs, to sponsoring and management we have the in-house and network knowledge to support (new) ventures.